Meet Melissa

i'm a wife. mother. lover of chocolate milk and all things harry potter.


When not working, you may find me:

-Chasing my two tiny humans

-working on my latest diy home renovation

-stalking the mailman for prime packages

-riding my motorcycle

-eating chick-fil-a and drinking my weight in sweet tea



My Passion

People are my passion.

Before chasing my dreams of being a full time photographer, I was a counselor. I laughed 'til I cried , cried 'til I laughed, and celebrated successes with my clients.

These connections that we make with each other- they're what matter most in life, and I love when you can feel those connections in photographs. I genuinely LOVE what I do and the relationships I build with my clients.

Am i your kinda people?

Holla at ya girl.


View. My. Art.

Let the photos do the talking

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