Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


Choosing a wedding photographer is NOT EASY. I know this because when I got married, I was not a wedding photographer and quite frankly, had not even been to many weddings! So THIS is a guide to help YOU.

Things I WISH I’d known to ask, things that will help guide you to the PERFECT photographer for you AND your budget!


1. What style of editing do you like?

There are three MAJOR photography editing styles at the moment.

  • Moody- darker toned images
  • Light & Airy- Bright photos with muted colors
  • True Color- Classic edits

Look through different images for each style and figure out what suits YOUR style best!

2. What is your BUDGET?

Wedding photographers have majorly varying price points- but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone you love WITHIN your budget!!! The most important thing is to figure out what you can afford and go from there!

Some questions to ask regarding pricing and budget:

  • Do you provide a print release to your clients?
  • If so, is this an additional charge to your wedding packages, or is it included in the quoted rate?

A print release will allow you to print your wedding photos at a lab of your choice.  Some photographers DO NOT offer a print release and require that you go through them to order prints, canvases, albums, etc. So be sure you factor in whether or not each photographer offers a print release/ the cost of prints to stay within your ideal budget!

3. Are you insured? What type of insurance do you carry?

The answer should ALWAYS be YES. Pro photography equipment is. Not. Cheap. If cousin Sally’s wild child knocks over your photographer’s tri-pod, you do not want to be held liable for this. If your photographer is PROPERLY INSURED, this will not be an issue.

Your photographer should carry insurance on all equipment as well as general liability insurance.

4. How do you ensure proper lighting during receptions and in other low light situations?

Weddings are one of the MOST challenging types of events to photograph. Why? Because you have to be prepared for literally ANY lighting situation. From photos of you getting ready with your wedding party, to outside portraits, romantic sunset portraits, reception lighting, night time portraits- your photographer will need to transition from one lighting situation to the next with EASE!

Listen to how they answer- if they cannot answer your question without hesitation you may want to say “NEEEEEEXXXT!”


5. How will you back up my photos immediately following the wedding?

Let’s face it. Technology fails. You want to ensure your photographer is going to take proper steps to safeguard your precious memories!!!

Your photos should be backed up in THREE locations! At a minimum, your photos should be stored on:

  • The memory cards from your photographers camera.
  • Their computer.
  • An external hard-drive or cloud storage.

6. Do you like them?

Let’s be real, we’ve all met that one person that simply annoys the living daylights out of us. And you don’t want that person following you around all day on your wedding day, AMIRIGHT?! So get to know their personality a little, have a consultation, get coffee, FaceTime, find a way to see how well your personalities mesh!

All in all- finding the PERFECT photographer for YOU is a challenge. But this guide will definitely help guide you in the right direction!

Best of luck- CHEERS!


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