Wedding Timeline: Why it’s important!

Let’s talk wedding timelines.

Why are they important?

Nothing ever goes as planned on wedding day, isn’t it better to just wing it?

I don’t think I want one- I’m more of a ‘go with the flow’ type of bride.

Wellllll ladies, I’m here to tell you: A wedding day timeline will. Help. You. So. Much. And believe me when I say, your vendors will LOVE YOU FOREVER if you have a thorough and well thought out timeline.

Here’s a list of my TOP 3 reasons to put together a thorough and realistic timeline.

1. Certain vendors NEED to arrive before others.

It’s great if you have vendors who are eager to show up and start making everything drop dead GORGEOUS for your wedding day.  But in reality there’s some vendors that absolutely NEED to arrive before others.  For example, you hired a florist that is to die for! Just imagine- luscious bouquets, cascading florals, and extravagant centerpieces that would make Kim K jealous. Now, your florist has arrived and is ready to get to work making all of your floral dreams come true… but your tables and linens have yet to be delivered.

In order for the day to run smoothly for you AND everyone involved, certain vendors will simply NEED to arrive before others.  And to coordinate that, YOU will need a wedding timeline that makes sense! If you have a coordinator, they will be doing all of this for you. However, if you don’t plan on having a coordinator you’ll need to start thinking about the order of arrival for your team of vendors!

2. A wedding timeline keeps everyone on. The. Same. Page.

It’s your wedding day, and you’ve hired a team of 3-10+ kick-ass vendors to make your day completely unforgettable! Providing each vendor team with a detailed timeline will help them keep your day running seamlessly, as they will know what is coming up next and can make preparations to easily transition from one event to the next.

Providing your vendors with a timeline will also help you get the most for your money! Without a timeline your vendors are having to spend more time consulting with one another about what is coming next… which in turn, means they are spending less time doing what you hired them to actually do.

3. Your wedding album will thank you.

Okay, okay. I may be a bit biased, but having a wedding timeline will drastically improve your wedding photos. Do you want all those cutesy photos of you getting into your wedding dress? Holding hands with your mom? A first touch with the hubs to be? What about dreamy couples portraits in your wedding gown? All of those things take TIME- and time goes by SO QUICKLY on your wedding day. A timeline will help you stay on schedule and allow your photographer and videographer plenty of time to capture each of these moments for you to remember forever. Please, please, please, set aside time for the moments that are most important to you- and help your team document them as beautifully as possible. Your wedding album will thank you!

In conclusion- Here’s some sunset wedding portraits to keep you company while you start working on that timeline! This could be you, girl!


This. Could. Be. You. So go make your timeline! <3

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