Family Sessions: What to wear!

You’re super excited, you just booked your family portrait session with me! Yay! We found the perfect spot for what you’ve envisioned, compared our schedules, nailed down a date, and you’ve now got my name down in your calendar! Just when you’ve gotten everything set, panic sets in. What do you wear?!

Don’t worry! I’ll help you figure that all out- THIS is my fool proof guide to dressing your family for an amazing look on picture day!

Step 1

Don’t freak out.

Step 2

Whether you are shopping for new outfits, pulling pieces from your closet, or a mix of the two, my best advice is to always, always, ALWAYS, start with Mom’s outfit first. You know the old saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” And believe you me, nothing proves that more than when mom looks uncomfortable in photos!
C’mon, mom carried all the babies, she’s the keeper of the family schedule, the master of crustless sandwiches, and she can even cure Dad’s man cold… she deserves to wear something that makes her look and FEEL stunning.dea81282b7355a78f5d50889fd0a1154Yeah, yeah- I know this says Fall Photos- but what I want you to see is that MOM is the center of this color pallete. Once you have Mom’s outfit figured out, you can build around her by choosing pieces in complimentary colors.

Step 3

Don’t worry about being too matchy-matchy.  It is much more visually appealing when everyones outfits are different, yet complimentary. It’s okay for each member of the family to bring in their own flair and be unique, so long as they are in the same color scheme!


Step 4

Layer & accessorize! Photographs are one dimensional,  layers and accessories help to add depth and interest to the image. Bust out those vests, scarves, headbands, bowties, suspenders, necklaces, sweaters, belts and earrings! Don’t be shy! Having multiple layers and accessories also enables you to change your look throughout the shoot.  Is dad wearing a blazer? Have him take it off mid shoot for a more relaxed look in some of the shots. Go ahead, Pops! Show off that Dad bod!

Step 5

Wear clothes that fit and flatter your shape! This means if you are buying the kiddos new outfits for your family photos, buy the size that fits now- not a size up. I know this won’t help you save money in the long run, but I pinky promise you will be so much happier with your final images.  Also, big, baggy shirts do not photograph well! If you don’t like your mid section it is still important to still wear something that fits well.  It is MY job to help you find the most flattering poses.  There are so many strategic ways to draw the eye away from areas you may not like.


Step 6

When in doubt, shoot me a text or email! I’m totally here to help you. And if you just feel completely overwhelmed, let me know! I offer styling as an add on for any session, I will come shop your closet and help you piece together some killer outfits!


Well there you have it! I hope this styling guide helps you pick out a wardrobe that will be comfortable, flattering, and perfectly coordinated for your next family session! Let me know your thoughts, drop a comment or question, share this post!



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