I am a wife.Melissa

A mother.

Lover of chocolate milk and all things Harry Potter.

Before taking a leap of faith and dedicating myself to photography I worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor in the criminal justice system. (Needless to say, I work well under pressure.) In counseling, I discovered my passion of listening to people’s stories and gaining an understanding of their reality.  In photography, I aim to capture each client’s reality and help to tell their story through photographs frozen in time.

In my own life I’ve found the moments I anticipate the longest are often the ones that slip by ever so quickly.  As time goes on, memories fade, and details are soon forgotten. Let me freeze this moment in time for you and your family so you can share the big moments and tiny details of your story for generations to come.


** Special thanks to my buddy Maureen @ Joyful Fox Photography for taking this photo of me!**